SeatAdvisor Launches TicketResell

Venues have another option when it comes to secondary market ticket sales with the recent launch of SeatAdvisor’s TicketResell.

The product allows patrons to resell tickets to events by relisting them through a venue’s primary inventory, ensuring a secure transaction.

“Other secondary market sites will put a guarantee and they’ll eat the cost if it’s a fraudulent transaction, but with us, it’s a guaranteed transaction because it’s going back through the same system those tickets were initially generated from,” Brandon Hanke, SeatAdvisor VP of business development, told Pollstar.

Fans can view interactive maps to select their actual seats instead of rolling the dice with a StubHub or Craiglist purchase, and venues are able to control the parameters of the purchase process.

Maximum and minimum prices can be set using the software, as well as buyer transaction fees, expiration dates for ticket listings and restrictions on resale until a certain point in time.

And, perhaps most importantly, the software gives venues a better idea of the market value for tickets and grants access to fans purchasing on the secondary market so they can be contacted for future shows.

“It’s better information for the venues, it’s an additional revenue stream for the venues, it’s a completely secure transaction and they’re really better able to understand who their customer is – not the broker who bought a big block of seats from them,” Hanke said.