Reeperbahn Goes For The Geeks

This year’s Reeperbahn Festival looks to be focusing more on digital music and is inviting a series of geeks to help talk less tech-savvy delegates through this stuff.

Those who feel their working day would be less stressful – and maybe the whole industry would work better – if it weren’t for the artist, may be interested in the possibilities to be explored by Moritz Simon Geist.

Geist, with help from “a large drum robot,” is set to provide a glimpse into the world of music robotics and DIY music interfaces.

In Germany, for example, this could lead to robots impersonating Kraftwerk.

The annual Hamburg showcase-conference, now in its fifth year, has risen above the gaggle of similar gatherings that are dotted around Europe because its regular features have given it character. It also has the benefit of taking place in a city that boasts what’s probably the world’s most famous red-light district, providing Reeperbahn with the seediest landscape imaginable.

Those who want to tramp around and see as many acts as possible will find the clubs really are within walking distance of each other.

Reeperbahn has also had to come through the test of proving it was Germany’s top music business gathering, seeing off Popkomm in Berlin where the inter-club walks were more hikes, before taking its place among Europe’s best. This year’s Reeperbahn Festival is in Hamburg, Germany, Sept. 25-28.