Analysts Bullish On LYV

Live Nation releases its second quarter earnings report after the market closes Tuesday, and analysts polled by Forbes say there’s reason for optimism.

The company is expected to book a profit of 14 cents per share, up from last year’s 5 cents during the same period.

Though the analysts expect a loss of 10 cents per share for the fiscal year, revenue is still projected to rise 4 percent on the quarter, at $1.62 billion compared with last year’s $1.55 billion.

The projections indicate Live Nation could be back on track from first quarter results, when the company reported a decrease from the same period in 2012 after two consecutive quarters of revenue growth, according to Forbes. 

Of course, analysts are often wrong, and the stock is already up more than 75 percent on the year so it might need a big quarter to sustain investor sentiment.