Storsjoyran Recovers Ground

After having what organizers described as “not our best year” in 2012, Sweden’s Storsjoyran Festival recovered ground to do almost 20,000 per day.

Photo: Goran Strand

The event in the main market square at Ostersund, the country’s oldest festival, will this year likely be one of its three largest. Sales were about 4,000 per day higher than last year.

“We were very pleased and also relieved as the festival market is very busy and even some of the bigger events have gone bust,” Storsjoyran co-chief Stefan Kauppi told Pollstar.

German promoter FKP Scorpio’s Bravalla Festival, which made its debut this year and did more than 50,000, will be Sweden’s biggest festival of 2013. Next up will be Sweden Rock with 35,000 per day.

The acts helping Storsjoyran get back on course July 26-27 included Alice Cooper, Bad Religion, In Flames, Crystal Castles, Mando Diao, and First Aid Kit.