Cleveland Co. Fair Stage Collapse

A stage collapsed at the Cleveland County fairgrounds in Shelby, N.C., Aug. 10, but no one was hurt.

The collapse occurred hours before a Christian music concert featuring Mercy Me. A gust of wind collapsed the stage during a 4 p.m. soundcheck, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Apparently part of the light rigging collapsed, and organizers canceled the show because there was too much damage to clean up before showtime. The attendance would have been approximately 10,000.

The concert was part of the American Legion’s World Series and led up to the tournament. The stage was designed by L&N Productions, according to the series’ Eddie Holbrook, who defended the stage company and attributed the collapse to the weather.

Holbrook added that none of the 350-plus event workers were harmed.

“When the weather shifted, our folks ran to (the) stage to get people off the stage,” he said. “Within 15 seconds of the last artist getting off the stage, the stage just went boom.”