Paul Revere: ‘I’m Still Alive And Still Kickin’!’

The leader of the Raiders takes to his Facebook page to address rumors about his health, saying talk of his demise is “greatly exaggerated” but admitting that his last few shows have been “rough.”


Fans had been posting their best wishes for Paul Revere on the bandleader’s Facebook page. Citing the Steve Hoffman Music Forum, says a fan reported that Revere talked about his health during a performance in Reno Aug. 10 during which he spent most of the time seated behind his keyboard.  The fan also reported that Revere was using a cane when he moved about the stage and that he appeared to have lost his hair or had shaved his head.

Former Raiders lead singer Mark Lindsay picked up on the rumors.  On his Facebook page Aug. 13, Lindsay, who split with Revere in the mid-1970s, wrote that his former musical cohort “is now fighting a tremendous health battle” and asked fans to keep Revere and his wife in their “thoughts and prayers.”

Now Revere is telling fans that he’s OK even though an unspecified health issue was in play. Saying he’s survived “just about everything you can get” including “two types of cancer,” the 75-year-old musician explained on his Facebook page that “there’s always maintenance and repair in this band, now it’s my turn.  Again!”

“I don’t want to get into details but let’s just say, it ain’t fun.  It’s been rough getting through the last few shows but I would do whatever it takes to avoid missing a show. I’m giving it my all, and then some, and the band tells me I’ve been even more awesome than usual. Of course, I do have the gun.”

Revere also thanked his fans for their prayers and said he plans on keeping a promise he made to his fellow Raiders.

“So keep the prayers coming, and keep me alive long enough to come to your town a couple more times.  I promised my guys I was going to live to be 100 and to plan accordingly.  Now I’ve got to keep my promise.”

Photo: David Conger
Of Paul Revere & The Raiders, at the Snoqualmie Ballroom & Casino, Snoqualmie, Wash.

At this time Revere has a few days off before he puts his tri-corner hat back on.  Paul Revere & The Raiders’ next gig is in Deadwood, S.D., Aug. 23 followed by shows in Northwood, Iowa, Aug. 24) and Sloan, Iowa, Aug. 25.  Click here for more information.