Chambers Suing Over Attack

Lester Chambers is filing a $5 million suit against the city of Hayward, Calif., after he was attacked onstage July 13 at the Hayward Russell City Blues Festival.

Photo: YouTube frame capture
Appearing at Hayward Fest in Hayward, Calif.

Just after Chambers dedicated the Curtis Mayfield song “People Get Ready” to Trayvon Martin, a woman in the crowd jumped onstage, yelled, punched and shoved the singer, videos of the event show.

Dinalynn Andrews-Potter was arrested, cited and released following the incident. She was later charged with felony counts of assault and elder abuse in connection with the attack.

Chambers alleges the incident left him traumatized and unable to perform, the Oakland Tribune reported, and he says he was forced to stop work on a new album and missed out on a potential tour because of injuries from the attack.

“It’s a nightmare,” Chambers said during a press conference. “When we are on stage, doing what we do, we are in a completely different world. I didn’t even see her coming, and then before I could do anything, the attack occurred.

“I’m still trying to figure it out. I was asking people to pray and to have a good day,” he continued. “Then she came running up, busy calling me every kind of (expletive) and every kind of (expletive) I could be.”

An attorney for Chambers noted during the conference that the attack “has all the makings of a hate crime,” and placed blame on not only Andrews-Potter, but also the Bay Area Blues Society that organized the show and the city for failing to inspect security procedures.

“It was like the sea opened up, and she was able to run right at him,” John Burris said. “The security never appeared operational.”