Weiss To Waters:
Think Again

Roger Waters’ call for musicians to boycott Israel has drawn immediate response from Tel Aviv-based promoter Shuki Weiss, who’s telling the globally known rock star to think again.

Photo: AP Photo / Starpix, Dave Allocca
"12-12-12" (A Concert For Sandy Relief), Madison Square Garden Arena, New York City

Weiss, who promoted Waters’ last show in Israel in 2006, tells Waters that his time would be better spent using his influence to help do something about the situation.

In an open three-page letter to the former Pink Floyd member to be distributed to the Israeli media Aug. 21, Weiss tells Waters that “no artist in the world is better suited than yourself to make a direct impact on the situation here.”

Weiss goes go on to say that “never before has an artist had the chance to make such a direct impact on a diplomatic process” and urges Waters and “your colleagues within the worldwide artistic community” to come to Israel.

The Weiss-promoted show in 2006 was one of the catalysts of Waters’ seemingly ongoing problems with the Israeli government and its treatment of Palestinians.

In the face of the criticism he got for playing the country, Waters had Weiss move the show from Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park to the peace village at Neve Shalom, a community dedicated to the peaceful co-existence of different faiths and races.

Weiss had to tear up 80 acres of chick peas and 20 acres of wheat in order to develop an infrastructure for the site and parking for more than 22,000 cars.

Waters has since been open about the fact he was considering writing a letter calling for an Israeli boycott, notably in interviews with papers including Rolling Stone, Huffington Post and more recently the UK’s The Guardian. 

Charges of anti-semitism have also followed Waters around, most lately following his performance of “The Wall” on the Rock Werchter festival site in Belgium July 20.

Israeli newswire Ynetnews.com quoted several people who claimed to be upset that the black pig balloon with a Star of David on the side sent out an unacceptable anti-Jewish message.