Richie Sambora Fired From Bon Jovi Tour?

In April Bon Jovi announced that Richie Sambora would miss a leg of the 2013 “Because We Can” trek. Now reports are surfacing claiming that fans won’t see the guitarist on stage the rest of the year because he’s been fired from the tour.

When the band revealed Sambora would be missing some dates this spring no other information was given besides citing “personal issues.” The last time the guitarist sat out part of a tour, back in 2011, gossip sites reported that Sambora had checked into a rehab facility “for exhaustion and to regain his sobriety.”

The rumors aren’t about sobriety issues this time. According to, sources close to the band say “it’s all about money.” The gossip site reports Sambora “is not returning to tour with Bon Jovi this year” and that differences between the band and the guitarist “are irreconcilable.”

Photo: Owen Sweeney /
Verizon Center, Washington, D.C.

RumorFix claims to have tracked down Sambora’s former paycheck on tour as well as how much money the guitarist filling in for him is earning. The site says Richie was bringing home “$2 million a month and 20 percent of the profits after each show” compared to Phil X making $10,000 a month.

Bon Jovi’s PR representative was not available for comment.

The band’s next show is scheduled Sept. 10 in Mexico City. After playing Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, Bon Jovi is set to return to stages in North America in October. Dates in Japan and Australia are booked in December.