Ludacris, Lamar Concert Debate

A Florida university’s plan to host a concert featuring Ludacris and Kendrick Lamar has the county sheriff requesting the concert be called off because of potential violence.

Photo: Chris McKay / Music Midtown
Music Midtown Festival, Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Ga.

Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott reportedly emailed Florida Gulf Coast University President Wilson Bradshaw expressing his dismay at the choice to book the performers for “Eaglepalooza” Nov. 24 at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers.

“I can’t for the life of me begin to imagine why a black university president would sanction such vile content,” Scott wrote, complaining of lyrical content he says promotes violence and drugs.

The sheriff recommended that county officials deny an event permit and has asked his legal department whether he can decline requests for off-duty deputies to work detail, or bill the university citing the tendency of “heightened violence at these hip-hop shows.”

Bradshaw stuck by the decision, saying all security precautions, including off-duty officers and metal detectors, would be in place for the concert.

“As a university president – black or white – periodically there are expressed views related to students and faculty that the president doesn’t personally or professional sanction or share,” Bradshaw wrote. “In this case, our students indicated a strong interest in inviting these performers to ‘Eaglepalooza,’ and our staff assures me they are doing everything possible to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for the attendees.”

Previous “Eaglepalooza” performers include PitbullSean PaulBusta RhymesFlo Rida and LMFAO.