Zero Tolerance Boston Promoter

A company that’s booked numerous electronic dance music performances into Boston-area venues is taking a firm stance against drugs following a rash of overdoses and a recent death at one such concert.

NV Concepts co-promoted a Zedd show last month at Boston’s , where one woman died following an apparent drug overdose and two others were hospitalized with related issues.

he company has also booked gigs at the  in nearby Quincy, where an upcoming EDM concert was canceled in light of several drug overdoses and arrests in connection to the drug often known as “molly.”

Following the incidents, NV Concepts announced its “zero tolerance” drug policy to the Boston Herald.

“We have always put the safety of our concertgoers first at all of our events and ensure that the venues we work with enforce stringent security measures,” NV Concepts wrote. “We will continue to develop new measures, in conjunction with the venues we work with, to ensure the safety of all concertgoers.

Music is our passion and will continue to be the focus of the business we love.” The firm is reportedly considering a collaboration with artists on anti-drug campaigns to bring light to the issue.

“Raising awareness and educating on the dangers of substance abuse will help individuals make good decisions. We want to be a part of the solution,” the statement says.

The company added that while it’s booked acts for the Ocean Club, it has “no operational knowledge or oversight of the venue.”

Undercover stings netted eight arrests at the Ocean Club following numerous overdoses.