No Fantazia

The University of Massachusetts Amherst canceled an electric dance party at the Mullins Center Sept. 21 because of concerns about MDMA.

The “Return to Fantazia” was expected to take place at the campus arena but Molly-related deaths at venues in New England and New York motivated college execs to think twice, according to the Republican.

“In an effort to better understand and respond to these current set of circumstances, venues in the area and universities in the region are canceling these events and proactively educating their communities about the dangers of Molly,” Enku Gelaye, interim vice chancellor for student affairs, said in a statement. “We are broadly engaged in that effort and will be taking the next few weeks to further that conversation on this campus.”

The show is a production of NV Concepts, which co-promoted a Zedd show last month at Boston’s House Of Blues, where one woman died following an apparent drug overdose and two others were hospitalized with related issues.