Amnesty Calls For Action

Amnesty International has urged the Greek authorities to do everything in their power to prevent further politically motivated violence after a far-right supporter killed a musician and anti-fascist activist in Athens Sept. 18.

Photo: AP Photo / Kostas Tsironis
 Protestors clash with Greek riot police following the stabbing of 34-year-old musician and anti-fascist acvitst Pavlos Fyssas Sept. 18.

The human rights organisation says it fears more violence may erupt, particularly as several demonstrations are planned protesting the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, a hip-hop singer known as Killah P.

The musician well-known for his anti-fascist views was stabbed to death by a man who claims membership of far-right political party Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn has denied any involvement in the attack. Just before his death, Fyssas reportedly had a verbal dispute in an Athens bar.

Upon leaving the bar, he and his friends were ambushed by as many as 20 people, many wearing black T-shirts and military-style trousers similar to the clothing worn by Golden Dawn supporters The killing follows several years of austerity measures in Greece and amid a serious economic crisis.

Far-right views like those espoused by Golden Dawn have also gained support during this time – the party has 18 seats in the Greek parliament.

“Politically-motivated violence of this kind is unacceptable anywhere, and history has shown the grim consequences if it goes unchecked,” said Amnetsy Europe and Central Asia Programme spokesman Jezerca Tigani.