Changes: Deerhunter, Hugh Cornwell, Example

Family matters force Deerhunter to cancel its fall European tour … Hugh Cornwell blames new Canada fees for scratching three shows … Example nixes his autumn run through the U.S. and Canada.

Deerhunter posted a message on the All Tomorrow’s Parties website that explained why Europe iesn’t happening this year.

“We are very disappointed to have to cancel our upcoming European tour due to unforeseen circumstances,” the message read.  “We were very excited for these shows, but unfortunately family circumstances at home for multiple members of the band have made this unavoidable.  We will reschedule as soon as possible.”

Deerhunter’s Euro trek was to begin this week and run through the first week of November.

Photo: AP Photo / Matthew Hinton
One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans, La.

Canada’s new fees for foreign workers have forced Hugh Cornwell to call off three October gigs.

Cornwell was supposed to play Edmonton’s Wunderbar Oct. 16, Calgary’s Broken City Oct. 17, and Winnipeg’s Pyramid Cabaret Oct. 20. But those dates are off of the schedule (Pollstar highlighted Cornwell’s tour earlier today but posted a revised routing that did not include the Canada dates).

The cancelations are a result of the new fees Canada’s federal government is charging foreign workers, according to the Edmonton Journal, which reports that the new law affects venues that have a “primary business” other than music, such as restaurants and bars that conduct business regardless of whether any entertainment is booked.  Such venues are required to pay $275 per musician and crew member. 

Plus, work visas are now $150 “per applicant per show” according to the Journal, instead of the previous $150 per tour, a cost that was shared by all the venues.

“Please let (fans) know that Hugh is very upset and annoyed about it, but we were left with no option,” Cornwell’s manager, David Fagence, said in a statement, according to the Journal. “We will ensure we get there next time, though, one way or the other.”

Photo: Kevin Nixon

British artist Elliot John Gleave, aka Example, is blaming recording commitments for canceling his fall tour of the U.S. and Canada.  However, he does plan on trying it again in 2014.  His new album drops early next year.