Not Your Usual Industrial Show

The Dong Fang Hong Concert Festival, which is being called “China’s first industrial-themed music festival,” will take place Oct. 3-5 in Luyoang. About 100 musical acts will perform at the festival, all of them Chinese.

Luoyang is considered one of the most important industrial centers in China, and hosted seven of the 156 major industrial projects launched by the Chinese government in the past 60 years.

The stages for the festival will incorporate the industrial setting, “offering event-goers a fresh take on showmanship” and “bucking the cookie-cutter, generic theatrics synonymous with pop concerts today,” according to a statement on

Some venues are obviously more interesting than others.

For instance, part of the industrial site was once operated by the YTO Company as a “shooting range for newly-constructed military tanks.”

The 400-acre venue is “surrounded by old industrial facilities from the 1970s, fully immersing concert-goers in the theme of the Dong Fang Hong festival.”

The festival will also include circus performances, a modern farming museum, traditional puppet shows, a rock version of a traditional Henan opera and the first Chinese invitational yo-yo tournament.