Waking The Neighbors

A concert at a ski resort in Queensbury, N.Y., didn’t go over well with one neighbor, who was allegedly so angry about noise from the show that he pulled a gun on a staff member.

David Hubert, 73, was arrested Sept. 20 and charged with misdemeanor menacing after he drove to the parking lot of the Freedom Of Expression music festival at West Mountain Ski Center, honked his horn until festival staff approached his vehicle and then pointed a gun at one of them, police told the local Post Star.

When officers arrived, they found a handgun on the floor of the vehicle, sheriff’s Lt. Steve Stockdale said, and later confiscated 18 guns and a gun permit from Hubert’s home.

Hubert’s wife told the paper the noise from the festival could be heard until 4 a.m.

“The bass reverb was so strong the pictures were vibrating on our walls,” she said.

The couple lives three lots away from the center. Operation of the ski center recently changed hands, but the fest was already booked and officials decided not to cancel the event, the Post Star noted.

Given the complaints, it’s unclear whether similar events will take place in the future, however. “I feel bad because this isn’t our event and we went back and forth on whether to cancel it,” operator Spencer Montgomery told the paper.

“The promoter and his staff did a great job, but I’m sympathetic to the neighbors and can tell them they probably won’t have to deal with this issue in the future.”

Artists that took the stage during the Sept. 20-22 festival included Designer DrugsEtc! Etc!Kennedy JonesHerobust, and Styles & Complete, among many more.