Warnock To Raise Charity Cash

Top London agent Neil Warnock is to become music charity Nordoff Robbins’ new fundraising chairman at the beginning of next month.

The head of The Agency Group is replacing Brian Berg, who has held the post for the last three years.

Warnock, who will also join the board of trustees, has a long involvement with Nordoff Robbins.

He originally became involved supporting the first Silver Clef lunch in 1976.

Warnock is still a member of The O2 Silver Clef Committee and also chairs the Nordoff Robbins Boxing event and its racing committee.

“I have supported Nordoff Robbins for nearly 40 years and I am delighted to have been given the honour of fundraising chairman,” Warnock said. “As a music industry, I think we owe it to Nordoff Robbins and the thousands of people they help with music therapy to continue supporting their incredible work and to help them use music to give something back.”