No OT For Seattle Cops

Off-duty law enforcement officers in Seattle have reportedly been told not to work overtime at a two-day, Halloween-themed event at the city’s , but the promoter says it is well prepared for the crowd.

USC Events promotes the annual “FreakNight,” which drew about 20,000 to the venue at  last year.

Police said the size of the event and the problems it attracts creates a public safety hazard, according to KING-TV.

USC and Live Nation hosted the Paradiso Festival at  in George, Wash., June 28-29, which attracted about 25,000 per day to the 18-and-over event.

One man died and dozens were treated for drug overdoses and various illnesses.

The “FreakNight” promoter said it would have 380 private security guards, 21 medics and an anti-drug message for ravers Oct. 25-26.

“If their concern was safety and security at the event, then you would think they would want to be a part of it and have their folks on ground,” USC rep Alex Fryer told KING-TV.

This year’s “FreakNight” lineup features DatsikDillon FrancisBaauerS-TypeDirtyphonicsMaxim, and .