Steve Martin Taking
A Break

Steve Martin, The Agency Group’s North American president, has left his position and is taking some R&R while evaluating his future opportunities.

Photo: Pollstar

In early 1994, while U.S. agencies were placing footholds in Europe, The Agency Group’s founder, Neil Warnock, looked to expand his U.K.-based company by adding a New York office.

He reached out to Martin, one of the best-liked agents in the business, who was then working at William Morris after the company had acquired his Music Business Agency.

After a few power lunches, Martin recommended his assistant Mike Donovan and Cara Lewis’ assistant Peter Schwartz to Warnock who hired them and then opened a New York office that was headed by Steve Schenck.  Martin was able to join TAG about six months later.

Today The Agency Group has become a worldwide power broker, with 40 agents in the U.S. alone and a roster with hundreds of artists.  Martin was responsible for much of its success in the States (whether he would ever lay claim to it or not).

Surprised that people are making a big deal out of his move, Martin laughed off rumors of ill health floating around which he thinks started because people couldn’t accept an Irishman taking a well deserved break.