Chaw On The Wagon

One of Singapore’s biggest singers, Gary Chaw, has publicly vowed to give up drinking after an embarrassing incident that made headlines.

Photo: Pete Young
Performing in 2009.

Chaw held a press conference on Nov. 4, where he repeated the phrase, “I won’t drink any more,” 16 times in succession, according to the China Times.

If he as much as touches alcohol ever again, he pledges to leave show business.

The promise comes in the wake of Chaw’s public quarrel with his wife, makeup artist Wu Su-ling, at a music venue in Taipei while the couple were watching a performance by his band, Sensation.

He apparently dragged his wife on stage during the performance and another singer, Allen Huang, who happened to be in the audience, had to pull him off.

During the evening Chaw also had a fight with his cousin.

In 2009, Chaw said he would stop drinking for a year after getting in a drunken fight with Hong Kong singer Justin Lo.

Nevertheless, Chaw’s agent seems to be hedging his bets.

Following Chaw’s appearance, the agent said that if the singer broke his vow he would not retire but instead donate the equivalent of $175,000 to an abstinence-related group.