Texas Theme Park In Works

Developers in suburban Houston are on track to build a new sports and entertainment complex – the first in the region since the closure of AstroWorld in 2005.

Photo: Johnychen
on its last day of operation in 2005. 

Construction on Grand Texas is scheduled to begin next year and officials say the park could open as early as 2015.

Grand Texas will include an ampitheatre, hotels and retail space, baseball fields, a sports complex, an amusement park and a water park, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The price for the park has not been disclosed.

Developer Monty Galland told KHOU News the area is overdue for such a development.

“For the size of the market, there really should be more attractions, and more things for the family to do together,” he said.

But some local residents are skeptical.

“The traffic is a definite issue, most people settled out here because you get as far away from Houston as you can and still drive to work,” area man Robert Pickering said, adding that property values could also be affected. “We’ve got a lot of wildlife that comes through the area. Everything that develops out here, is going to push that wildlife further and further away.”

The project has reportedly not received any public money, although the park will get a percentage of gate and parking fees collected by the county.