Thinker In Residence Delivers

UK festival promoter Martin Elbourne, appointed Thinker In Residence last September by the South Australian Government, delivered 49 recommendations on how to develop the state’s live music industry.

His recommendations include updating liquor laws to make it easy to open new venues, establishing an entertainment precinct in Port Adelaide, building the wine-growing Barossa Valley as a performance space, overhauling music education in schools to make it more stimulating and setting up a new body to increase the business and marketing skills of artists and entrepreneurs.

Photo: LinkedIn
South Australian Thinker In Residence. 

South Australia Premier Jay Weatherill told Pollstar he was eager to adopt the proposals as soon as he could.

Elbourne’s recommendations, he said, “have brought together and inspired our local music industry. This is about treating music as an industry as well as an art form.”