Utsick Reality Show Recap

CNBC’s “American Greed: The Fugitives” aired a profile of former concert promoter Jack Utsick Nov. 14, revealing little new information and relying heavily on one-time business partners Robert and Donna Yeager to paint an unflattering portrait.  

Photo: cnbc.com
Jack Utsick

In a segment titled: “Hard Rocking Fraudster,” the Yeagers claim Utsick remains in contact with them from his new home in Brazil.

They also claim he has continued to pitch concert ventures to them, though friends and one Utsick family member have denied to Pollstar that he has any intention of reviving his business.

The Yeagers also claimed that Utsick is “broke” and reduced to making a living as a dog walker.

Athough Michael Goldberg, the receiver in Utsick’s case with the Securities and Exchange Commission, was also interviewed on-camera for the piece, no mention was made of information in his most recent report to investors indicating Utsick was believed to have been arrested and awaiting extradition in Sao Paulo.