Meet & Greet Wayne Coyne At Your Local Record Store

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like a hand-crafted, custom-made solid chocolate skull that comes with a limited-edition version of The Flaming Lips’ debut EP. You can get your copy of the EP signed by frontman Wayne Coyne on his “Record Store Tour” this week.

Just like those special candy bars in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” the anatomically correct and life-sized skulls also have a golden treat inside. But the good news is that every single skull contains the goodie – a golden coin granting access to any headline show by the Lips in the world.

Oh, and by the way – apparently the skull isn’t made out of gross, cheap chocolate. An announcement assures cocoa connoisseurs that this is “high-quality, gourmet chocolate.”  

An announcement declares that the skull & EP are “a feast for the senses” that are “delicious and satisfying on every level.”

The limited-edition 12-inch release of the 1984 EP marks the first time the tunes have been issued on vinyl since 1986. Featuring a new cover by “freak artist” Charlie Immer, the EP has been remastered by Lips bassist Michael Ivins.

Lips drummer Kliph Scurlock had the honor of remastering The Flaming Lips 2nd Cassette Demo, which was recorded in 1983 and will be available as a limited-edition 7-inch. Wayne’s brother Dennis took the cover photo for the demo.

Coyne will sign copies of both vinyls and meet & greet with fans on his Record Store Tour.

Here’s the itinerary:

Dec. 19 – Nashville, Tenn., Grimey’s (4 p.m.)
Dec. 20 – Louisville, Ky., Guestroom Records (12 p.m.)
Dec. 20 – Chicago, Ill., Permanent Records (8 p.m.)
Dec. 21 – St. Louis, Mo., Vintage Vinly (5 p.m.)
Dec. 22 – Lawrence, Kan., Love Garden Sounds (5 p.m.)
Following the tour, the EP and cassette demo will be available at participating record stores on Dec. 24. And when the Lips say limited, they mean it – only 2,000 copies of each will be available.

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