Paul Collins Beat Goes Clubbing

DIY music veteran Paul Collins lays down a January tour for his Beat.  Traveling with up-and-coming punk/pop outfit Parasite Diet, Collins will launch the trek along the shores of Lake Michigan and keep on rockin’ all the way down to the Gulf.


Known as an artist who pretty much does everything himself, Collins announced his latest road trip by talking up the club experience while slinging a barb in Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner’s direction.

“Make no mistake about it, rock ’n’ roll is alive and well and thriving in the clubs in towns all across America,” Collins said.  “Yeah, it may be on the outside of the limelight, you won’t hear about it in Rolling Stone, but who reads Rolling Stone anymore?”

Guess it’s safe to say Collins isn’t on Wenner’s Christmas list this year.  But then, we doubt if he cares.

At the Brass Rail in Peoria, Ill.

But Collins does care about his upcoming tour.  What started as a lark five years ago now has Collins spending a considerable amount of time each year bringing his Beat to the masses, one club at a time. Here are the winter dates for The Paul Collins Beat:

Jan. 7 – Milwaukee, Wis., Bremen Café
Jan. 8 – Green Bay, Wis., Crunchy Frog
Jan. 9 – Lafayette, Ind., Black Sparrow
Jan. 10 – Indianapolis, Ind., Melody Inn
Jan. 11 – Carbondale, Ill., Hangar 9
Jan. 13 – Nashville, Tenn., The Basement
Jan. 14 – Murray, Ky., Terrapin Station
Jan. 15 – Memphis, Tenn., Hi-Tone Café
Jan. 16 – Atlanta, Ga., The EARL
Jan. 18 – Huntsville, Ala., Copper Top Dive N Dine
Jan. 19 – Athens, Ga., Hi-Lo Lounge
Jan. 21 – New Orleans, La., Siberia 

Some shows are already on sale.  Visit for more information.