Red Tape Snipped For Venues

After consultation with the Melbourne music industry, and following lobbying by music association Music Victoria, the Government of Victoria introduced an array of new strategies to cut out red tape faced by the Australian state’s music venues.

These include making it easier for small venues to get permits and approvals if they decide to host live music, green-lighting licensed venues for alcohol-free underage and mix-aged live music events without permission, and allowing one-off events to get a temporary liquor license without a permit.

The reforms did not include the much-desired Agent of Change whereby new residents entering a neighborhood with an existing live music venue would forfeit their right to complain about noise.

But Planning Minister Matthew Guy was emphatic it was on the government’s agenda but still hearing from consulting groups including housing builders who opposed it.

Music Victoria CEO Patrick Donovan commented, “Collectively, these reforms will ensure a more vibrant future for artists, venues, and the music loving public.”