Food Fest Fees Prompt Suit

The promoter of a Eugene, Ore., food festival is chewing over a lawsuit filed by the city for unpaid permit fees.

The suit, filed in Lane County Circuit Court, alleges Bite of Eugene’s Steve Olivier wrote a check for more than $3,000 to the city last July, but when the officials tried to cash the check, a stop-payment order had been made, according to documents obtained by the local Register-Guard.

The city says it’s attempted to contact Olivier multiple times since last summer, but he’s yet to pay up.

A letter obtained by the Register-Guard from Olivier to the assistant city attorney appears to shed a little light as to what may have happened to the city’s money, however.

The document reportedly notes a phone conversation during which Olivier said he disagreed with the amount he was being charged and an official warned the city would consider legal, and potentially criminal, charges if the bill wasn’t paid.

The suit is seeking the outstanding $3,220 in permit fees plus damages of $3,720 plus interest, attorney fees and costs, the paper noted.