Vancouver Venue Reborn

A theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a seedy past is getting a new start as a live music venue.

With owner David Duprey. 

The Fox Cinema, which played adult films for decades before closing its doors in 2013, has undergone major renovations and has a new name to go along with its new look – the Fox Cabaret.

One of the people behind the revamp, Danny Fazio, told CBC News more than 200 seats were ripped out and his team scrubbed every inch of the room including its stained walls.

“We did a lot of cleaning,” he said. “We put in a lot of elbow grease into making sure it’s beautiful and pristine after all the illicit behavior that happened here.”

The Fox now includes a balcony and plans to build a bar inside the venue are reportedly under way.

Local venue owner David Duprey holds the lease to the venue and previously told the CBC he’s teamed up with Waldorf Productions to program the Fox Cabaret.

“We can do anything in there,” he said. “We can do theatre. We can do comedy. We can do live music, we can have DJs. I mean the place is 200, 300 seats. It’s just the perfect size.”