Thai Metal Singer Killed

Samong Traisattha, lead singer of the Thai black metal band Surrender of Divinity, was stabbed to death in his home on Jan. 8. 

Official farewell to "our Black Vomitor/Bass Thunder … Have a rest down there brother!"

A long knife and a cell phone believed to be the property of the killer were found at the scene of the crime, according to the Bangkok Post.

The victim’s wife told police she knew who the killer was, a man named Prakarn Harnphanbusakorn, who she claimed was a fan of the group.

She said Prakarn came to their home on the night of Jan. 8 to silkscreen some T-shirts and drink with her husband. Later that night, after she put their children to bed, she went into the living room and found Samong lying in a pool of blood.

Prakarn was gone. Police are looking for the suspect, and three days later a Facebook user under the name Maleficent Meditation posted a message in which he confessed to the murder.

Police believe it is Prakarn.

The message was accompanied by graphic photographs of Samong’s murdered body.

In the message, the poster says he has intended to end his life for some time now, and that he wants to “drag down those who tarnish Satanism with me.”

He complains about Satanists who “don’t know anything” about the practice, and asserted that, if he hadn’t killed Samong, “I’m sure he would be murdered by someone else later.”

He is quick to point out that the killing was not fan-based.

Samong deserved to die because he called himself a Satanist but did not, in fact, have faith in Satan.