Brandy Facing No-Show Suit

Brandy is facing a lawsuit from a Texas promoter that alleges the singer took $30,000 to perform at an Austin festival but failed to show.

Photo: David Richard / AP Images for AIDS Healthcare Foundation
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Soul Tree Collective, a nonprofit that hosts the annual Austin Urban Music Festival, claims it also footed the bill for Brandy’s travel and hotel expenses, before representatives for the singer said she needed a more expensive hotel room and wouldn’t arrive until just before showtime.

According to court documents obtained by Courthouse News, Brandy’s management also “requested that plaintiff provide a police escort to travel with defendant from the airport in Austin and also push her start time back even further to allow time to get to the venue.

“Due to the untimely nature of those requests and City of Austin regulations regarding performance times at the venue, plaintiff could not make or agree to those accommodations.”

Just two hours before the set, Brandy’s reps said she wouldn’t make the show.

“Neither defendant nor defendant’s management provided any alternatives to limit plaintiff’s damages, including rescheduling performance dates by the artist,” the suit says. “As a result of defendant’s failure to travel to Austin and perform at the festival pursuant to her contractual obligations and her management’s lack of solutions or remedies, plaintiff’s representatives were forced to walk out on stage in front of the Friday night audience and explain that defendant would not be performing as promised to the ticket holders.”

Soul Tree is reportedly seeking damages for breach of contract and promissory estoppel.