Beady Eye In Japan

Liam Gallagher’s group Beady Eye has announced it will bring its Roller Coaster Tour to join for two shows in the spring, one at the massive Yokohama Arena March 25 and one the next day at Zepp Namba in Osaka.

Photo: Jim Ross / Invision / AP
Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK

Tickets are expected to sell out immediately.

Also on the bill for the Yokohama show is Koji Nakamura, the former leader of Japanese rock band Supercar, and a “talk show” about Creation Records, which helped launch Oasis, Gallagher’s original band.

Some insiders see a connection to Tokyo Rocks, a new festival that was to take place last May but was canceled due to “management problems” generally blamed on the lack of experience of main promoter Takashi Yano.

Yano’s main strength was the help of Creation Records’ founder Alan McGee in securing some of McGee’s most celebrated acts, like Blur and My Bloody Valentine, for the festival.

Yano promised to bring back Tokyo Rocks by the end of the year but nothing happened.

Rumors have it that he wants to revive the project sometime this year, and the Creation connection, touted on Yano’s Facebook page, may be a prelude to some sort of announcement.