TM’s Baltimore Case Continues

A lawsuit that takes Ticketmaster’s service fees to task has been allowed to move forward in Baltimore.

Baltimore resident Andre Bourgeois sued the company in federal court in 2011 after paying $12 in fees for a $52 Jackson Browne ticket.

He claimed at the time that the fees violated a 1948 ordinance that prohibited companies from charging more than 50 cents above face value.

The law has since been changed by the city, but U.S. District Judge Ellen Hollander has allowed the case to go on – minus several allegations including “negligent misrepresentation” and “fraud” – to decide whether fees charged by the company before the switch were indeed a violation, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Bourgeois seeks class-action status for the case as well as the return of the service charges, treble damages, pre-judgment interest, reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees, among other demands.

Though TM declined to comment to the paper, it pointed to a statement issued by a co-defendant in the case, Monumental Ticketing, the Sun said.

“Monumental Ticketing is pleased that the district court outright dismissed nine of the plaintiff’s ten claims. We’re looking forward to the final resolution of the lone remaining claim and putting this case behind us.”