Dancing Under The Midnight Sun

Imagine a three-day festival that runs through 72 hours of continuous daylight and you’ll be close to what Iceland’s new Secret Solstice Festival will be like. 

Photo: AP Photo / Keystone
44th Montreux Jazz Festival, Stravinski Hall, Montreux, Switzerland

At the time of the Solstice (June 21), countries in the Nordic region of Europe get what amounts to daylight 24-7.

The new fest runs June 20-22 and straddles the Solstice, the time the sun appears at its highest position in the sky as seen from either the North Pole or South Pole.

Most countries recognize in some way the event’s association with various rituals of religion or fertility, although the majority tends to just celebrate it as a holiday or a festival.

Secret Solstice Festival will be in the capital city of Reykjavík’s Laugardalu district, which includes an area of parkland known as “Hot Spring Valley.”

The acts playing the event include Massive AttackWoodkid, British producers Kerri ChandlerSkreamBoddika and Artwork House, and Icelandic acts including SamarisMammútMúm, Hjaltalín, Sisy Ey, and Maus!