Judge Upholds Rihanna Photo Ruling

A Superior Court judge in Los Angeles has upheld a ruling that the LAPD’s firing of an officer who leaked a photo of Rihanna after she was attacked by Chris Brown in 2009 was justified.

Photo: AP Photo / Lee Griffith
Perth Arena, Perth, Australia

Former Los Angeles police officer Rebecca Reyes took a picture of an evidence photo that later ended up on TMZ, though the woman has denied sending it to the site and said she merely sent it to a former girlfriend who was also a police officer.

In his ruling, Judge Luis Lavin said that Reyes was a participant in the release of the photo, and should no longer be allowed to serve as a police officer.

“At a minimum, the public is entitled to protection from unprofessional employees whose conduct places people at risk of injury and the government at risk of incurring liability,” Lavin wrote.

Police records showed Reyes’ ex, Blanca Lopez, called TMZ, though she claimed it was only to verify details of the attack.

Both women were placed on leave while an investigation was conducted and Reyes was eventually fired. Lopez is still employed by the department.