Resolution And ICM Settle

A lawsuit between agencies ICM Partners and Resolution involving commission claims has been quietly settled.

Resolution is run by former ICM chief Jeff Berg, who formed his own agency after a tumultuous exit. Once Resolution was formed, Berg populated it with a few agents from ICM, which led ICM to lay claim it was owed commissions by deals made by those agents.

Resolution filed a case against ICM Partners about six months ago and asked for a dismissal of the case March 24.

The Hollywood tabloids have given the impression that there is a battle royale between the two agencies, with scores of agents changing sides and lucrative clients following suit. However, it appears to be more mundane than that.

Resolution is clearly building a formidable roster with names like Chris Brown, R. Kelly, Patti LaBelle, Bryan Adams and Billy Ray Cyrus in the mix along with Courtney Love, Devo, Rickie Lee Jones and Foreigner, plus others. But the clients come from an alphabet soup of former agencies; ICM is just one of many.

However, although Resolution has some ICM assets, it has had some migrations as well – notably Martin Beck, a casino agent who has returned to ICM and filed a suit against Berg’s company. Beck claims he was lured to Resolution to facilitate further poaching from ICM then fired a month later.

As for ICM clients, Resolution brought in The Beach Boys – the fair and festival version headed by Mike Love – but the band has returned to ICM.

Meanwhile, Resolution has received an undisclosed investment from Beijing-based Bison Capital Holdings.