Suchocleb Sticks With Prague

Stepan Suchocleb’s first Nouvelle Prague achieved enough to convince the Rock For People festival promoter to stage a second edition of the showcase conference in November.

Although there were only 100 or so paying delegates to last autumn’s inaugural Nouvelle Prague, positive media reaction looks to have been enough to keep major sponsor Staropramen on board.

Staropramen, the country’s second-largest brewery, allows its premises to be used for the daytime conference, hosts a marquee stage in the courtyard and picks up a major share of the other costs.

“We totally follow a long-term sustainability principle and we wouldn’t spend our money or our sponsor’s money if there was no strategic goal that can be reached,” Suchocleb told Pollstar. “Our aim this year is to break even. Not to make money, but at least break even – we’d consider that a success.”

Suchocleb says he believes there’s “a real need for this event” and is this year aiming to increase the number of delegates by 120 percent, which would require an attendance of about 250.

Last year NP speakers included Martin Elbourne from Glastonbury Festival’s booking team, Kem Lalot from France’s Eurockeennes Festival, Angus Baskerville from the UK’s 13 Artists agency, Yourope chief Christof Huber, Michal Kašcák from Slovakia’s Pohoda Festival, Fruzsina Szép from Hungary’s Sziget Festival and Clare O’Neill from the UK’s A Greener Festival.

The second edition will introduce a number of new elements, namely extending the showcase programme to make sure at least one talented Czech band will appear, and also by including the Nouvelle Prague awards, focused on the Czech music professionals and community.

Nouvelle Prague is Nov. 7-8.