Fans Sue For Concert Injuries

Beyoncé, Live Nation and the  are defendants in a lawsuit filed by two women who say they were trampled while in line to see the singer at the Chicago venue in December.

Photo: Rob Hoffman / Invision for Parkwood Entertainment / AP Images
Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Hindmarsh, Australia

Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson claim they sustained injuries, including broken bones, requiring hospitalization when they were trampled by a “rushing mob” when United Center gates were opened for a Beyoncé concert.

The fans said they stood outside the United Center for several hours hoping to be at “the foot of the stage” during the show, according to Chicago’s WBBM-TV.

General and early admission ticketholders were reportedly assembled in two gated areas outside the arena before being allowed inside.

“As the hours passed, the group became larger, more dense and more anxious about how, when and where the gate(s) would be released and where ticket holders and fans were supposed to enter the United Center – none of which was explained,” WBBM quoted from the complaint.

The gates were opened at 7 p.m. “without instruction or any reasonable system to permit an orderly entrance,” according to the complaint. “To the contrary, The United Center encouraged it by the set up which it created and controlled.”

Castellanos and Davidson say they were both knocked unconscious, and suffered broken bones and other injuries.

The suit alleges six counts including negligence against Beyoncé, Live Nation and the United Center and seeks unspecified damages.