Lil Boosie Concert Contract Disputed

Organizers of a Lil Boosie rap concert scheduled during the Mississippi Gulf Coast Spring Break at the Jackson County Fairgrounds are scrambling to keep the show going after county officials pulled the plug over a contract dispute.

Photo: Bill Haber/AP
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At issue is the exact purpose of the fairgrounds rental.

The county says the contract was initially for a car show April 18, but it was later discovered via social media that the show would include a performance by Lil Boosie. In a statement to the Mississippi Press, county officials explained “this is not and never was an event sponsored by Jackson County nor put on by Jackson County.

In fact, Jackson County was unaware of the ‘Lil’ Boosie’ event until late last week. 

The county added a concert would need to be booked through the fair’s board of directors, which would require a separate contract that detailed public safety and fire code information, traffic control procedures and police and medical personnel for the show.

“This would be required by Jackson County whether it was Carrie UnderwoodJason AldeanMaroon 5 or Lil’ Boosie,” the statement said. “Had Jackson County been informed of the nature of the event, rather than it being presented as a car show, the individuals would have directed to the Fair board for negotiation of a separate contract to address all issues, similar to the Blues Festival that is held every year.”

Earl Denham, an attorney for the promoter, told the local WLOX-TV that negotiations for a new contract are under way and “we intend to cooperate with the county in every way, do anything they want, so people get the entertainment that they want to see.”

However, just a day later, county officials said organizers had provided some, but not all, additional information requested regarding the concert and that no decisions had been made on whether the show would go on, the Mississippi Press reported.