Josh Turner

Josh Turner is that friendly face people can’t get enough of. He’s a likable family man and a devout Christian whose wife performs with him on tour. It’s no wonder that his team takes a fan-friendly approach to artist development.

“We kind of thought, ‘Let’s pace ourselves, do our show and let Josh present himself the way he wants to,’” Ted Greene, president of Modern Management in Nashville, told Pollstar. “We’ve been very, very fortunate to work just as much as we would like to, doing 75 to 80 shows every year, keeping busy but not trying to wear it out.”

Turner connects with audiences on a personal level, so much so that fans can request a meet & greet when purchasing tickets to his shows. Getting even more personal, Turner’s first book, “Man Stuff: Thoughts On Faith, Family, and Fatherhood,” hits shelves April 29.

Photo: Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP

“It was clear (early on) something was going on with Josh and the relationship with his fans,” Turner’s agent, WME’s Keith Miller, told Pollstar. “They found him without a chart-topping single.” But Turner quickly found the charts, and then some. 

He’s been touring steadily since 2006 when his second album, Your Man, climbed to No. 1.  More radio hits, an induction to the Grand Ole Opry and an appearance in a biopic about the evangelist Billy Graham followed.

He’s done some high-profile support gigs for the likes of Brooks & Dunn, Carrie Underwood, and Brad Paisley, but by and large most of his dates are headlining.

“One thing we’re very fortunate of, and that Josh is very good at, is whether we’re really hot on radio or off the radio for a bit, the crowds do not deviate very much,” Greene said. “That leads me to believe those are the real fans there to see him, rather than only to see the recent hit.”

Photo: Mike McCarn/AP

PACs, fairgrounds and casinos fill most of 2014, with a new single coming out toward the end of the year, likely to be followed by promotional stops and more press.