TAG Teams With PledgeMusic

The Agency Group and PledgeMusic, a leading global direct-to-fan company, announced a strategic partnership April 7. 

TAG will refer select artists from its roster to PledgeMusic’s platform to create album and touring campaigns, and engage fans during both the album and touring cycles, according to a statement.

PledgeMusic’s in-house team will also provide dedicated support to artists during campaigns.

“The partnership between PledgeMusic and The Agency Group is a perfect fit, and a part of what we see as a growing ecosystem for artists,” PledgeMusic President Benji Rogers said. “We both truly value the power of fan connection and The Agency Group shares our commitment to creating sustainable careers for the talent that we work with.”

PledgeMusic will, with artists’ consent, “be able to share campaign intelligence … and refer select artists using the platform to The Agency Group for representation,” according to the announcement. The deal is hailed by the companies as a “groundbreaking agreement” in which a talent agency has partnered with a direct-to-fan platform to benefit artist development.

Interested artists, managers and labels can contact [email protected].