Foxtail Fest Sues City

The organizers of September’s Foxtail Fest in Wilmington, Del., have sued the city claiming they are not responsible for a $6,821 security bill for the event, after the city billed the company for police protection. 

The festival was organized by What Scene? LLC – a company founded by Brandon Potter, the son of a former mayoral adviser and her husband, a state representative who is also Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams’ cousin.

Williams denied any personal involvement with Foxtail Fest, and announced his then-adviser, Velda Jones-Potter, was “no longer with the administration” after both were heavily criticized for the dispatch of some 20 police officers and other city crews to the festival. The suit claims those services were neither requested nor needed.

“The city seeks to force What Scene to pay for police protection and fire-related services that it did not request, did not need and which was imposed on it unilaterally by the city a mere hours before a planned event was scheduled to take place,” the suit alleges, according to the News-Record of Delaware.

The suit also claims that Williams admitted his role during a private meeting four days after the show.

“I’m the Mayor of Wilmington. I forced those officers to work due to the fact we were having visitors from other states attending this event … I’ll accept full responsibility for any fallout as a result of my decision,” the lawsuit reportedly quotes Williams saying.

A spokeswoman for the mayor said the allegations are baseless. “Instead of accepting responsibility and paying the city of Wilmington what it owes, What Scene has unfortunately chosen to waste even more taxpayer resources by filing a lawsuit that lames everyone but itself for the situation regarding Foxtail Fest,” Alexandra Coppadge told the paper.

Foxtail Fest featured more than 20 performers, including Machine Gun Kelly, Travi$ Scott, and Kat Dahlia.