Staff Pro Acquired by USSA

Staff Pro, the country’s second-largest event staffing company, has been acquired by U.S. Security Associates in a deal that closed March 27. Financial details of the agreement were not released. 

The deal gives Staff Pro benefits from USSA’s market and technological reach, and gives USSA a crowd management component it didn’t previously have, according to Staff Pro President and founder Cory Meredith.

Staff Pro will continue to exist as a separate entity under the USSA umbrella and from its Huntington Beach, Calif., headquarters. Meredith remains president and anticipates no earth-shaking changes in the way company operated before the acquisition.

“We’re a separate entity, so it’s not really a merger,” Meredith told Pollstar. “I still run the company. It doesn’t change anything except for the fact we will have great resources, support and infrastructure to pull from with a company of that size.

“They have a huge infrastructure and support system … that will definitely assist our staff as well as our clients. But there will be no big changes; we’re operating as usual.”

USSA, based in Atlanta, is America’s fourth-largest contract security services firm, and provides a wide range of services in the U.S. and more than 100 countries worldwide. In addition to providing armed and unarmed security personnel, USSA also specializes in technology and information security.

“There’s a great need in our industry for a combination of a lot of different types of security services,” Meredith said. “I felt the event security and staffing industry was missing the component of a large, well-rounded security guard and risk mitigation type of a company. We’re kind of narrow, sitting in our own little world.

“I think we’re able to invest in markets and develop more, and as the world changes with security needs, the addition of security service that USSA can bring to the table is very good for the industry and good for our clients,” Meredith said. – Deborah Speer