Hologram Supporting Gaga

Lady Gaga has announced that one of the support acts on her upcoming North American tour will be the Japanese “virtual idol” Hatsune Miku

On her Twitter feed, Gaga said, “My favorite digital pop star Hatsune Miku is opening the ARTPOP Ball from May 6-June3!” Later she added, “Look at how cute she is!” with a link to a YouTube video of Hatsune in concert.

Hatsune Miku is completely computer-generated, including her voice. She is the collaborative creation of various software developers, a comics artist and a large digital fan community.

According to her back story she is from outer space, and in only a few years has become one of the biggest J-pop “idols” in Japan, virtual or otherwise.

In concert, she is sometimes backed by real musicians, but she herself is a hologram and her vocals are produced by a music software program.

According to her “handlers,” she is 5’2 and weighs 93 pounds.

On the second half of the ARTPOP North American tour, Crayon Pop, the female teenage vocal quintet, will open, showing that Gaga doesn’t play favorites in terms of Asian pop music.

They were one of the biggest-selling acts in Korea last year.

Lady Gaga has also been slotted for a major Korean pop festival in August.

Along with top-drawer K-pop acts Psy, BigBang and 2NE1, Gaga will perform at the AIA Real Life: Now Festival, which will take place Aug. 15-16 at Seoul’s Jamsil Sports Complex.

The last time Gaga performed in Korea, authorities limited admission to people older than 18 because of her risqué show. So far no announcement has been made regarding a similar restriction for her appearance at AIA.