Danzig Sues Over Misfits Logo

The rights to the iconic Misfits logo will be contested in court following Glenn Danzig’s recent filing of a suit against his former bandmate Jerry Only.

Danzig’s suit claims Only misappropriated the band’s trademarks, re-registered them under his own name, and cheated Danzig out of royalties and merchandising deals, the Guardian reported.

Photo: facebook.com/Misfits

And once Only controlled the trademarks, he “secretly” negotiated deals with retailers and threatened to cancel deals if the retailers alerted Danzig, the suit adds.

The band allegedly has a contract from 1994 in which they agreed to share ownership of the marks. Misfits disbanded in 1983.

After a legal battle with Danzig, Only formed a new version of the band in the mid ’90s and has performed and toured in the years since. Only has yet to respond to the suit.