Gaga In China?

Earlier this year, Lady Gaga‘s latest album, ArtPOP, was approved for sale in China by the authorities, albeit with a few cosmetic changes.  

Photo: AP Photo / CBS, Jeffrey R. Staab
Roseland Ballroom, New York City

The artist’s partially nude body was masked on the cover of the record and the title of the song “Sexxx Dreams” was changed to “X Dreams.”

Lady Gaga herself was so excited she tweeted that she now really wants to go to China to perform for local fans.

It may happen next year, according to GulfNews.

Bin Zhao, the executive director of Long Legacy Cultural Group, told the tabloid that his company is “definitely” making plans to bring Gaga to China.

“More and more Chinese people are familiar with Western music,” he said. “And the government is more open to it. So we’re definitely trying, and we hope Gaga will come to China next year.”

At the time, Zhao was in the United Arab Emirates for a press conference announcing Gaga’s Sept. 10 show in Dubai and sign a strategic agreement with AMI Live, a new events company responsible for bringing Gaga to Dubai.

The two companies will work together to promote major artists in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

“Before, if a Western artist wants to come to China to have a show, it needed to be approved by the Cultural Department. Right now the rights have been given to all the provinces and cities, so it’s opening up,” Zhao said.