Industry Noize: Mohegan Sun Conflict Spurs Contention

Attorney Murray Ufberg of Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald was called out by board member George Horwatt for representing both the authority and local architecture firm Quad 3, which is being paid more than $50,000 to design arena repairs, the Citizen’s Voice reported.

While Ufberg maintained he’d handled the situation appropriately, he explained during the meeting that he would withdraw his firm from involvement with the contract to avoid a conflict.

“Conflict is something that this board unfortunately in the last several months has become more accustomed to than I’ve ever seen before,” Ufberg said, according to the paper. “That’s terribly unfortunate. The last thing I want to do is be the source of any conflict here, because I think we have much more important work than to do ‘gotchas,’ if you will, at a board meeting.”

The move wasn’t enough for Horwatt, apparently, who asked again for Ufberg’s resignation and countered that the attorney’s firm is paid by both the authority and Quad 3.

“You also possess the knowledge of the manner of thinking of both parties involved,” Horwatt reportedly said. “I think that just violates any canon of ethics. I don’t think it’s right.” Ufberg refused to resign, adding “I would say that I respect your request of me but that’s hard because your facts of me are wrong. They’re distorted, they’re incorrect.”

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