Onsale Fail

Asian pop fans are quite excited about the news that One Direction will embark on a concert tour of the region next spring, though some may be a little too excited.

Photo: Charles Sykes / Invision / AP
ABC's "Good Morning America," New York City

On June 1, police in Jakarta arrested promoter M. Lufti Moneyono on suspicion of having forged a “mass gathering permit” for a ticket sale event held at his place of work the previous weekend.

The event was related to the British boy band’s announced concert March 25, 2015, at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in South Jakarta.

A representative of the police told the Jakarta Globe that Moneyono was “named as a suspect and has been detained.”

Police had broken up the ticket sale event in progress. About 2,000 people gathered on the fourth floor of the Kota Kasablank Building in South Jakarta, with 5,000 others lined up in the parking lot waiting to enter.

Though Moneyono was authorized to sell tickets for the concert, he did not have the proper permission to do so in a public place.

According to the Globe, he wanted to get a jump on sales activities.

The police said his “motive was that they were running out of time to sell the tickets.”

Moneyono did have a permit to sell tickets at the building on May 6, which he received from the police, so he duplicated and manipulated the permit in such a way to appear that it was issued for May 31.

All tickets will now be sold exclusively online.