Metallica Targeted Over Glastonbury

Metallica’s headline slot at Glastonbury Festival has sparked an online campaign and criticism on social network sites because of frontman James Hetfield’s associations with bear-hunting.

Channeling Ted Nugent? 

Apparently the heavy metal monsters do not fit with some people’s “hippy” view on the world’s most-famous festival.

With Hetfield — reportedly a member of America’s National Rifle Association — set to narrate an eight-part TV series documenting the killing of Kodiak brown bears in Alaska, the online campaign wants to have the act removed from the bill.

A Facebook page headed “Remove Metallica from Glastonbury Festival for their Support of Bear Hunting” clicked close to 30,000 likes in a matter of days.

“Metallica’s lead singer James Hetfield is a big game hunter and promoter. This is incompatible with Glastonbury Festival ideals and brings its good name into disrepute,” said page creator Richard Fraser.

There’s also been a Twitter reaction as some fans feel Hetfield’s “glorifying” of hunting is at odds with the spirit of the festival.

Magazine and newspaper coverage of the anti-Metallica campaign has ranged from Classic Rock to The Independent. At press time it wasn’t possible to get comment from Glastonbury chief Michael Eavis.