Psy Gives YouTube ‘Hangover’

Korean pop star Psy debuted his latest single and video worldwide on June 8, a collaboration with Snoop Dogg called “Hangover,” which contains more English lyrics than any of Psy’s previous releases.

Though the video was mostly panned by critics, it managed to garner 28 million YouTube hits by the end of June 10. Psy’s three-year-old hit “Gangnam Style” passed 2 billion views May 23.

In a statement, Psy said the number was “very honorable and very burdensome. With appreciation I will come back soon with more joyful contents.”

Likely the two videos are feeding off each other. In the new video, Psy and Snoop dress up and get drunk, vomit, and then repeat, behavior meant to be a parody of Korean drinking habits. So far there have been no complaints from Korean authorities, who tend to frown upon videos they think set a bad example for young people.

Psy has said in interviews that he wrote the song with Snoop through an online collaboration and put the video together, including filming, in only 18 hours.