Subbotnik In The Black

The second edition of Russia’s SVOY S Subbotnik Festival drew more than 20,000 to Moscow’s Gorky Park, and co-promoter Dmitry Zaretsky of Pop Farm reckons that’s enough to keep the event out of the red.

Photo: Panko Anecahap / Geometria

Zaretsky, who has media website SVOY – which loosely translates as “self-contained” – as a partner told Pollstar that 20,000 is the estimated attendance and tickets sold on the day were still being counted.

“We think we’ll be OK,” he said. Although Placebo had tech issues and had to interrupt its set for about 20 minutes, the Moscow media gave the event the thumbs up.

The other acts on the bill July 5 included KasabianMetronomyMiles Kane, and Jamie Woon. St. Petersburg-based promoter Michael Shurygin was also happy his Tuborg Greenfest June 29 headlined by The Prodigy attracted 13,000 fans.

Tuborg GreenFest is an annual series of rock music events that takes place in a few European countries during the summer months.

Since 2005, Danish beer maker Tuborg, part of the Carlsberg Group, brought together well-known rock bands and artists for one-day festivals in such countries as Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania.